Aldo Group Addresses Franchise-Related Ransomware Claim by LockBit Gang

In a recent cybersecurity incident, the Aldo Group, a global shoe retailer, has clarified that a ransomware claim made by the LockBit gang pertains to the systems of one of its franchise partners. The LockBit gang had announced an attack on the company, demanding a ransom by December 25 for the return of stolen data, the specifics of which remain undisclosed.

A representative from Aldo communicated to Recorded Future News that the breach was swiftly managed, ensuring no disruption to their operations. The incident did not affect any systems owned or operated by the Aldo Group. A comprehensive investigation revealed that the compromised data was confined to the franchise partner’s operations within a particular overseas region. Importantly, the data did not include any sensitive financial or payment card information of Aldo customers.

The Canadian-based Aldo Group, with nearly 3,000 stores in over 100 countries and annual sales surpassing $0.7 billion, emphasized its ongoing commitment to robust cybersecurity practices. The company supports its partners in safeguarding customer data and maintaining system integrity.

The retail sector, including companies like Aldo, has been a frequent target for ransomware groups seeking to exploit personal data and extract ransoms from businesses. A Sophos survey from the previous year indicated that over 300 retail organizations experienced ransomware attacks in 202. High-profile breaches have also impacted other apparel retailers, highlighting the industry’s ongoing battle against cyber threats.

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