Bank of Italy Issues Warning Against Deepfake Fraudulent Messages

The Bank of Italy issued a stark warning on Wednesday regarding the proliferation of fraudulent video messages circulating online. These messages, facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, are being used to fabricate statements purportedly from financial authorities and other reputable institutions.

Describing the phenomenon as “deepfakes,” the central bank elucidated that these deceptive messages are created through the manipulation of real video or audio content using AI. The objective is to imbue false information with a veneer of authenticity, thereby amplifying the credibility of the fraudulent content.

In response to this concerning trend, the Bank of Italy strongly advised against the dissemination of such messages. Users were urged to exercise caution and refrain from engaging with or sharing any content of dubious origin. By abstaining from participation, individuals can mitigate the risk of inadvertently perpetuating fraudulent schemes orchestrated through these manipulated media.

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