Alleged Ransomware Incident Targets Granger Medical Clinic

Granger Medical Clinic (GMC) found itself listed as a victim on a ransomware group’s leak site on November 24, 2023, with claims of unauthorized access to confidential information from GMC’s network. The cyberattack allegedly resulted in the exposure of sensitive consumer data, including names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and phone numbers, if the hackers’ assertions hold true.

While GMC has not officially confirmed the cyberattack or subsequent data breach, reports from the NoEscape ransomware group indicate the acquisition of 35 gigabytes of data, including internal files related to current and former staff members. Moreover, the group claimed to have obtained thousands of passports and Social Security number cards, threatening to release this information unless a $700,000 ransom was paid within 24 hours.

Despite the lack of public comments from GMC regarding the incident, the ransom was seemingly not paid. Consequently, on November 25, 2023, NoEscape purportedly made the data public.

Granger Medical Clinic is likely conducting its internal investigation into the matter. If confirmed, GMC will be obligated to issue data breach notifications to affected individuals, detailing the compromised information belonging to each victim.

Founded in 1954, GMC, based in Riverton, Utah, stands as one of Utah’s largest physician-owned medical groups, boasting 28 locations across four counties. The clinic collaborates with over 170 specialized providers across 29 subspecialties, employing more than 474 individuals and generating an annual revenue of approximately $50 million.

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