Beaverton School District Faces Cybersecurity Breach, Student Passwords Compromised

The Beaverton School District encountered a cybersecurity breach impacting student passwords across various platforms, including email accounts, Google documents, and Canva, the district confirmed in a message to parents and on its website.

The security incident, discovered recently, prompted the district to initiate a system reset to address the breach. Parents and students were advised to download essential Google documents before 8 p.m. to ensure access, as accounts would become unavailable following the reset. Students can reset their passwords and regain access to their accounts on Wednesday during school hours.

Additionally, the district announced a reset for Chromebooks issued by the school, rendering them inaccessible until passwords are reset on Wednesday.

In light of the breach, the district urged parents to verify if their students used school passwords on other platforms, recommending immediate password changes for those accounts as a precautionary measure.

While details about the breach’s specifics, discovery, and duration remain undisclosed, individuals concerned about potential data compromise were advised to contact the Beaverton Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch and reference a provided case number for further assistance.

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