Berglund Management Group Discloses Data Breach Affecting Over 50,000 Individuals

Berglund Management Group, a Virginia-based firm, has reported a significant data breach potentially impacting more than 50,000 individuals across the United States. The disclosure was made in a report submitted to Maine’s Attorney General’s Office, prompted by the state’s stringent regulations mandating cyberattack disclosures affecting its residents. This report was published on November 29th, following Berglund’s prior communication to potentially affected customers a week earlier.

The compromised data is believed to encompass names and Social Security numbers. However, Berglund reassured recipients in its communication that there is presently no indication of any misuse of this information.

The company initiated an investigation in May upon detecting unauthorized activity within its network, eventually concluding it in October. As a result of this comprehensive probe, Berglund confirmed that a limited amount of personal information might have been accessed by an unauthorized third party during the incident.

Maine authorities were informed by Berglund that 51,514 individuals, inclusive of a small number of residents in that state, were affected by this breach.

In response to the breach, Berglund has taken proactive measures to reinforce its security systems. Additionally, the company has extended an offer of free credit monitoring services to affected parties as a precautionary step in mitigating potential risks stemming from the breach.

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