Butler County Notifies Public of Data Security Incident, Promises Swift Action

Butler County officials have issued a public advisory regarding a recent data security incident, revealing that an unauthorized individual gained access to personally identifiable information. The county, prompted by federal authorities who detected suspicious activity on its computer network in early October, concluded by the end of the month that there had been unauthorized access, primarily related to criminal court proceedings data stored on the county network.

Currently, the county is engaged in a meticulous review of the compromised data to identify the affected information, individuals, and their respective residences. Upon completion of this review, affected parties will receive written notifications, along with complimentary credit monitoring services as a precautionary measure.

In response to the incident, Butler County has taken proactive steps by notifying both local and federal law enforcement agencies. The county is also implementing strategic measures to fortify its network security.

Jim Venturini, the IT Director of Butler County, emphasized, “The security and integrity of our information systems are top priorities, and we work continually to safeguard our network to maintain confidentiality. The County will continue to invest in the internal processes, tools, and resources to reduce the likelihood of future security incidents.”

This incident marks the second data security breach for Butler County in as many months. In September, unauthorized access to a jail employee’s email resulted in the compromise of personally identifiable information. Authorities advise affected individuals to monitor financial accounts and credit reports closely, reporting any unusual activity to law enforcement for further investigation.

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