Groveport Madison Schools Confront Ransomware Disruption

The Groveport Madison School District in Columbus, Ohio, has reported a significant cybersecurity incident that occurred on Tuesday, leading to substantial disruptions within its network. The ransomware group BlackSuit successfully infiltrated two of the district’s servers, causing widespread issues that affected Windows-based devices, file services, and printer/copier functions. However, the district’s phone systems remained operational.

In response to the breach, the district conducted an initial internal review, which indicated that neither student nor staff data was compromised. To mitigate further risks and address the breach, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommended a complete shutdown of internet access within the district. Consequently, internet services were suspended on Wednesday to facilitate the necessary repairs.

Despite the cyberattack and subsequent internet outage, the district assured families that schools would remain open. Communication was maintained through functional phone lines, and attendance records were managed manually. The district’s proactive measures and transparent communication with parents reflect its commitment to maintaining educational continuity while addressing cybersecurity challenges.

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