Longhorn Imaging Center reports a data breach affecting thousands in Texas

South Austin Health Imaging LLC, doing business as Longhorn Imaging Center, filed a data breach notice with the Attorney General of Texas after discovering unauthorized access to confidential information in its possession. This breach exposed consumers’ sensitive data, including names, addresses, health information, and insurance details.

Longhorn Imaging Center investigated the breach and sent data breach notification letters to affected individuals. Further details are expected to surface. Currently, the company has not posted an incident notice on its website.

However, their submission to the Texas Attorney General sheds light on the breach’s origins. Longhorn Imaging learned that information entrusted to them may have been accessed without authorization.

Longhorn Imaging conducted a comprehensive investigation in response to this discovery, confirming that an unauthorized party had indeed gained access to confidential consumer data. The exact access method remains uncertain, whether it was a breach of Longhorn Imaging’s internal systems or an attack on one of the company’s vendors.

Once it was determined that sensitive consumer data was exposed to an unauthorized entity, Longhorn Imaging Center meticulously reviewed the compromised files to identify the leaked information and impacted consumers. The compromised data varies from person to person, encompassing names, addresses, health records, and insurance information. The Texas Attorney General’s notice reveals that over 97,000 individuals in Texas alone were affected.

South Austin Health Imaging LLC is a diagnostic imaging company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Operating eight locations across the greater Austin area, including North Austin, Cedar Park, Westlake, South Austin, Onion Creek, Killeen, Bastrop, and Marble Falls, Longhorn Imaging Center employs over 25 individuals and generates approximately $5 million in annual revenue.

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