Nissan Investigating Cyber Attack in New Zealand and Australia, Potential Data Breach

Japanese carmaker Nissan is investigating a cyber attack targeting its systems in New Zealand and Australia. The attack may have exposed customers’ personal information.

Nissan released a statement on its website, notifying customers of the incident and advising them to remain vigilant. The company’s global incident response team is working with cybersecurity authorities in both countries to determine the extent of the breach.

While the company assures that its systems and dealerships are operating normally, they urge customers to report any suspicious activity related to their personal information. Nissan will continue to provide updates on its websites ( and

This incident comes amidst a rise in cybercrime reported to New Zealand’s government cybersecurity agency, CERT NZ. The agency’s report for the third quarter of 2023 reveals a 10% increase in cybercrime reports compared to the previous quarter, with direct financial losses reaching nearly $5 million.

CERT NZ emphasizes the evolving tactics used by scammers, particularly in investment scams. They warn against fake investment websites designed to appear legitimate and build trust, ultimately aiming to steal funds.

Nissan’s ongoing investigation highlights the growing threat of cyberattacks and the importance of remaining vigilant against online scams.

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