Nissan Responds to Cybersecurity Breach in Australasia

Nissan, the renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer, has confirmed a cybersecurity breach affecting its computer networks in Australia and New Zealand. The company disclosed the incident on Wednesday, stating that it has engaged with cybersecurity experts to determine the scope of the breach and the potential exposure of sensitive customer data. Authorities in both countries have been alerted as Nissan undertakes measures to secure its systems.

While the specific repercussions of the cyberattack on Nissan’s operations remain undisclosed, the company is actively working towards full system recovery. In light of the situation, Nissan has advised its clientele to exercise caution and be alert to any suspicious or fraudulent activities, suggesting concerns over a possible data compromise.

Efforts to obtain further information from Nissan by Recorded Future News have yet to yield a response. This incident follows a previous advisory in January, where Nissan alerted its finance division customers about a possible data leak via an external service provider.

The automotive industry has become a lucrative target for cybercriminals, evidenced by the frequent trading of stolen automotive and insurance data on clandestine online platforms. This breach is not isolated; Toyota experienced a similar cyberattack targeting its financial services in Europe and Africa last November. Additionally, in September, a significant number of customer accounts across various major car manufacturers’ websites were compromised, leading to the extraction of detailed vehicle information. The pattern of attacks underscores the escalating threat landscape facing the global automotive sector.

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