Orsini Specialty Pharmacy Reports Data Breach Exposing Patients’ Sensitive Information

Orsini Pharmaceutical Services, operating as Orsini Specialty Pharmacy (Orsini), disclosed a data breach on March 8, 2024, filing a notice with the Attorney General of Montana after discovering unauthorized access to an employee’s email account. The breach exposed sensitive consumer information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, medical record numbers, health insurance details, diagnoses, and prescription information.

The incident, occurring between January 8, 2024, and January 10, 2024, prompted Orsini to secure the compromised email account and conduct an investigation. Following the confirmation of unauthorized access, Orsini initiated data breach notification procedures, informing all affected individuals and providing details of compromised information.

Orsini Specialty Pharmacy, founded in 1987 near Chicago, Illinois, serves as a specialty pharmacy offering comprehensive support for patients managing rare and chronic diseases. With over 265 employees, Orsini generates an annual revenue of approximately $25 million.

Victims of the data breach are advised to remain vigilant against potential fraud or identity theft and consider seeking guidance from a data breach lawyer to understand their legal options. For further information on the breach and protective measures, please refer to our comprehensive coverage on the topic.

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