Ransomware Attack Disrupts Huber Heights, Ohio City Systems, Affecting Services

Huber Heights, Ohio, a community housing nearly 45,000 residents near Dayton, faced a crippling ransomware attack that disrupted various city systems. The attack, occurring around 8 a.m. on Sunday, prompted an official notice from the city, indicating specific divisions impacted by the cyber incident.

City Manager Rick Dzik confirmed that while public safety services remained unaffected, crucial divisions like Zoning, Engineering, Tax, Finance, Utilities, Human Resources, and Economic Development encountered disruptions due to the ransomware attack. The Information Technology Department is actively investigating the issue in collaboration with third parties and local, state, and federal law enforcement to assess the severity and scope of the situation.

Anticipating at least a week of downtime for city services, Dzik advised residents to refer to the city website for updates on restored services, clarifying that though phone lines remained operational, certain services would be unavailable.

The city assured affected individuals of being notified if their data was impacted and announced the hiring of consultants to evaluate the incident’s impact.

With the online payment portal for utility payments offline, residents are required to visit in person and make payments using cash or check. Late penalties and disconnections for bills will be suspended until the situation is resolved, extending through the end of the month.

Additionally, a previous incident in Mount Vernon, Ohio, during Dzik’s tenure as city manager, drew attention as it faced its ransomware attack in December, impacting offices. The state of Ohio has encountered several such incidents, with Circleville suffering a ransomware attack in January, affecting its municipal court.

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