Republic Bank of Chicago Notifies Texas Attorney General of Data Breach

Republic Bank of Chicago recently reported a data breach incident to the Attorney General of Texas after uncovering unauthorized access to sensitive information under its control. The breach exposed consumers’ personal data, including names and financial account information. Following an investigation, Republic Bank initiated the process of sending data breach notification letters to impacted individuals.

The incident, disclosed on November 10, 2023, prompted Republic Bank to notify the Attorney General of Texas, shedding light on the compromise affecting 7,199 consumers in the state. Despite the notification, specifics regarding the breach’s origins or the bank’s detailed explanation of the incident remain undisclosed.

Although the cause behind the breach remains unclear, Republic Bank promptly responded by examining compromised files to identify leaked information and impacted consumers. The breached data varied but potentially included names, bank account numbers, and debit/credit card information.

Republic Bank assured affected parties of receiving notification letters via U.S. mail, aiming to provide a comprehensive list of compromised information linked to each individual.

Established in 1964, Republic Bank of Chicago operates as a financial institution in Chicago, Illinois, offering various banking services such as personal and business accounts, credit cards, loans, and mortgage services. With 19 branches and over 258 employees, the bank generates an annual revenue of approximately $103 million.

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