Seiko Provides Update on Ransomware Attack and Data Breach

Seiko Group Corporation, a Tokyo-based manufacturing company known for its watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors, and optical products, posted a critical update on its website on October 25, 2023, regarding a recent ransomware attack that compromised its computer network. The incident allowed unauthorized access to sensitive information related to customers, employees, and business transactions. In response, Seiko has initiated an investigation and is taking steps to notify affected individuals.

Following the data breach incident, Seiko is actively sending data breach notification letters to all those whose information may have been compromised. It is essential for recipients of these notifications to understand the potential risks and what actions they can take to protect themselves.

The exact cause of the data breach is still under investigation, with additional information expected to be disclosed in the near future. According to Seiko’s official statement on October 25, 2023, the breach was initially detected on July 28, 2023, when unauthorized access to specific segments of its IT network was identified. Subsequently, Seiko engaged external cybersecurity specialists and promptly reported the incident to law enforcement agencies.

The investigation confirmed that approximately 60,000 pieces of personal data stored by Seiko were compromised. In response, Seiko conducted a thorough review of the compromised files to ascertain the nature of the leaked information and identify those affected. The breach impacted a variety of individuals, including customers, job applicants, current and former employees, and business partners involved in transactions.

As of the latest update on October 25, 2023, Seiko has commenced the process of sending data breach notification letters to all individuals affected by the recent data security breach. These letters will provide a detailed list of the specific information that may have been exposed.

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