St. Bernards Healthcare Faces Data Breach; Urges Patient Vigilance

Patients of St. Bernards Healthcare are being urged to monitor their credit following a data breach that occurred on the MOVEit server, managed by Welltok, Inc. The breach spanned from May 30 to May 31, 2023, and again in June 2023, according to a press release.

The healthcare system revealed that the unauthorized access by the hacker encompassed a range of sensitive information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, patient identification numbers, health insurance details, provider names, and medical treatment or diagnosis information.

Welltok, Inc. notified St. Bernards Healthcare, Inc. about the breach on September 14, 2023, prompting immediate actions to bolster data privacy protocols and mitigate the risk of future incidents.

In light of the breach, St. Bernards Healthcare, Inc. is advising affected individuals to meticulously review their account statements and explanation of benefit forms. Additionally, they are encouraged to monitor their free credit reports for any signs of suspicious activity.

A dedicated toll-free inquiry line (1-800-628-2141) has been established for those seeking additional information. The healthcare system emphasizes its commitment to transparency and prompt communication in addressing the incident and ensuring the protection of patient data.

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