Staff at Liberty Hospital Facing Strain Amid Cybersecurity Fallout

The aftermath of the cyber security incident at Liberty Hospital, initiated on Dec. 18, sheds light on the profound impact these events have on healthcare systems, now affecting the livelihoods of some hospital staff.

Reports from staff members to KCTV5 reveal financial strain and work-related challenges following reduced hours and the depletion of paid time off. An anonymous employee, sharing their experience, highlighted the financial strain caused by the situation, impacting essential payments such as personal property taxes, car insurance, and monthly car payments. The employee, sustaining a one-income household, expressed concern over the financial burden, emphasizing that their paycheck solely covers the mortgage, with emergency savings aiding in coping with additional expenses.

Despite an available Extended Illness Bank (EIB) at Liberty Hospital for situations like extended sick leave, the hospital has not permitted employees to access it during this period.

The employee also noted discrepancies in scheduling, citing instances where staff were called in for shifts only to be sent home due to the lack of scheduled patients or tests, leading to unnecessary attendance.

Responding to the employee’s concerns, Liberty Hospital emphasized the dedication of its staff during this challenging situation, asserting ongoing efforts to ensure completion of scheduled shifts. They highlighted daily advancements in restoring systems and stressed the staff’s vital role in this process. The hospital encouraged staff members with scheduling inquiries to engage with their managers or HR partners for potential opportunities in their departments or elsewhere.

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