Tri-City Medical Center Confirms Staff Layoffs Unrelated to Cybersecurity Breach

Tri-City Medical Center officials clarified that recent employee layoffs were driven by the hospital’s efforts to align staffing with patient numbers, dismissing any connection to the recent cybersecurity breach or the hospital’s collaboration with UC San Diego Health.

The layoffs, occurring subsequent to the ransomware attack on November 9, were attributed to the hospital’s need to balance its staff-to-patient ratios, according to statements from hospital spokesperson Jessica Shrader. While the exact number of layoffs remains unspecified, reports from sources such as the San Diego Union-Tribune and an anonymous hospital employee suggested approximately 100 workers were affected.

CEO Dr. Gene Ma, in a November 13 letter to hospital staff, referenced 60-day layoff notices sent to an unspecified number of employees.

Shrader emphasized that the staffing adjustments were a response to a decline in patient numbers over time, emphasizing the necessity for staffing levels to mirror patient volumes. Currently, the hospital’s staffing levels are designed to accommodate 24% more patients than it currently serves.

The suspension of labor and delivery services earlier this year further contributed to the reduction in patient numbers at Tri-City Medical Center.

Addressing concerns, Shrader affirmed that the staff reductions were unrelated to the recent cybersecurity breach or the impending partnership with UC San Diego Health, scheduled to assume hospital operations in March. Tri-City had informed UC San Diego Health about the necessity and intent to downsize staff, indicating that the measures were independent of the partnership.

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