Ulsan HD FC Faces Alleged Data Breach: Full Database Reportedly for Sale

Ulsan HD FC, a prominent South Korean professional football club competing in the K League 1, is currently under scrutiny following claims of a data breach. The threat actor, identified as ‘Donald Bucks,’ posted a message on January 14, 2024, asserting the Ulsan HD FC data breach and offering the club’s full database for sale at the price of $6000.

The Cyber Express has initiated contact with Ulsan HD FC to verify the legitimacy of the claim. As of now, the football club has not issued an official statement or response, leaving the status of the alleged data breach unconfirmed.

Ulsan HD FC, previously known as Ulsan Hyundai FC, has a rich history, being founded in 1983 as Hyundai Horang-i and joining the K League in 1984. The club competes at the top tier of South Korean football, with its home ground at the Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium, and is owned by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The rarity of cyberattacks on the sports industry adds to the significance of this alleged data breach. While the sports sector has been relatively spared from such incidents, a recent report by security consultancy NCC Group, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and Phoenix Sport and Media Group (PSMG), emphasizes a critical lack of cyber resilience in UK football clubs, including those in the Premier League.

Matt Lewis, the global head of threat research at NCC Group, underscores the rising cyber threats faced by the sports industry. The report stresses the need for increased resources for IT and security teams to enhance cyber resilience in the sports sector.

Lewis states, “There’s a disconnect between the perception and reality of how at-risk the industry currently is. By implementing relevant strategies and resources outlined in the report, cyber risks can be reduced to preserve brand reputation, the confidentiality of information, and the integrity of industry players and organizations.”

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