1st Source Bank Grapples With Another Data Breach

On November 20, 2023, 1st Source Bank faced a significant data security issue, impacting client privacy and also compromising the personal and protected health information of South Bend Emergency Physicians (SBEP). Notably, this breach was isolated within the 1st Source Bank MOVEit server and did not breach client networks or systems.

1st Source Bank is actively collaborating with SBEP to swiftly notify potentially impacted individuals and extend necessary resources and support. Urging affected parties to take immediate steps to secure their identities, the bank advises vigilant monitoring of account statements for irregular activity, emphasizing the importance of reporting any anomalies promptly to the financial institution.

This incident follows a prior breach where about 450,000 records were compromised, exposing sensitive data including social security numbers. In light of this history, affected individuals are urged to remain vigilant and proactively safeguard their personal information.

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