ACTS Retirement Services Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over 2022 Data Breach

ACTS Retirement Services, a senior living community operator, has reached a settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit stemming from a data breach that occurred in April 2022. The settlement aims to resolve claims that ACTS failed to adequately protect patient and employee information, which was allegedly compromised during the breach.

While the company has not admitted wrongdoing, it has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to settle the lawsuit. Under the terms of the settlement, class members, including individuals who received breach notices in July and October 2022, may be eligible for compensation.

Affected individuals can claim up to $350 for documented out-of-pocket expenses, such as bank fees and credit expenses, as well as up to three hours of lost time at a rate of $25 per hour. Those who experienced extraordinary monetary losses, such as fraud or identity theft, may receive higher payments of up to $3,500, provided they made reasonable efforts to mitigate the losses.

Additionally, all class members are entitled to two years of free credit monitoring services through Pango, including one-bureau credit monitoring, monthly credit scores, transaction monitoring, and dark web monitoring.

As part of the settlement, ACTS Retirement Services has committed to enhancing security measures to protect residents’ and employees’ personal information in the future.

The deadline for exclusion and objection to the settlement is April 16, 2024, with a final approval hearing scheduled for July 2, 2024. To receive settlement benefits, class members must submit a valid claim form by May 1, 2024.

Individuals eligible for the settlement include those identified by ACTS Retirement Services as affected by the April 2022 data breach, including recipients of breach notices in July and October 2022.

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