Boeing Data Breach: Lockbit Gang Publishes Internal Data

Aerospace and defense giant Boeing has fallen victim to a data breach, with internal data reportedly published online by the hacking group Lockbit. Reports suggest that Lockbit, which previously issued a ransom notice to Boeing, followed through on its threat by releasing the compromised data.

Boeing, in response to the incident, released a statement asserting its awareness of the data release. The company remains confident, according to Reuters, that the breach “poses no threat to aircraft or flight safety.”

Lockbit had previously announced in the prior month that it had accessed sensitive information from Boeing and would commence posting it unless a ransom was paid by November 2. The hacking group even displayed a countdown clock on its website, adding to the pressure.

The data breach has primarily impacted Boeing’s parts and distribution business, leading to the temporary shutdown of its website dedicated to selling spare aircraft parts, software, and services. Visitors to the official Boeing supplies webpage are greeted with an image of a hard-hat and the company’s logo, accompanied by a notice acknowledging a cyber incident disrupting its systems.

Lockbit, known for its suspected involvement in hacking the systems of the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, the world’s largest bank by total assets, has now set its sights on Boeing. The repercussions of this breach extend beyond the aerospace giant, as some Treasury market trades reportedly faced delays due to the cyber gang’s activities.

In response to the situation, Boeing stated, “We are aware that, in connection with this incident, a criminal ransomware actor has released information it alleges to have taken from our systems. We continue to investigate the incident and will remain in contact with law enforcement, regulatory authorities, and potentially impacted parties, as appropriate.” The company is actively engaged in managing the aftermath of the breach, emphasizing its commitment to thorough investigation and cooperation with relevant authorities.

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