Coldwater Board of Public Utilities Notifies Customers of Data Breach via Third-Party Service

The Coldwater Board of Public Utilities (CBPU) recently disclosed a data breach through their Wi-Fi management system, operated by Plume, impacting approximately 200 customers.

The breach, identified during Plume’s investigation, occurred within a third-party service utilized for analyzing user and application technical events for specific mobile and browser apps. While Plume affirmed no evidence of a breach within its app, the CBPU reported compromised information limited to customers’ names, email addresses, and cities. The incident did not involve any financial data.

In response to this breach, the CBPU promptly issued a statement on the city’s website, expressing regret for the incident linked to the third-party service associated with Plume’s app. They assured customers of their commitment to prioritizing data privacy and emphasized that there is no indication of the issue impacting customer network services beyond the identified third-party services.

Given the compromised data of names and email addresses, the CBPU advises caution in digital interactions. They encourage affected customers to remain vigilant and avoid clicking on any suspicious emails. Instead, individuals are urged to contact the CBPU’s Helpdesk at (517) 278-9276 for assistance or clarification.

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