Cybersecurity Incident Halts Operations at Australia’s Second Largest Port Operator

DP World Australia, the nation’s second-largest port operator, has ceased operations due to a cybersecurity incident, disrupting the flow of goods across the country. The company, responsible for 40% of maritime freight through its ports in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Fremantle, initiated its response to the incident on Friday.

While vessels can still unload freight at the affected ports, a consequential impediment arises as the freight is unable to leave the port premises. A spokesperson for DP World Australia highlighted the measures taken, stating, “To safeguard our employees, customers, and our networks, we have restricted landside access to our Australian port operations while we continue our investigation.”

The operator swiftly implemented actions, including the disconnection of internet connectivity, effectively halting any unauthorized access. This, however, led to disruptions in key systems crucial for the normal functioning of operations at its Australian ports.

DP World emphasized the comprehensiveness of its response, engaging with cybersecurity experts, actively investigating the incident, and promptly notifying relevant authorities. The company reassured the public on Saturday evening that it is diligently working “around the clock” to address the situation and ensuring the processing of “sensitive inbound freight.”

Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neil acknowledged the incident, stating that the federal government is in regular contact with DP World, receiving updates on the situation. Air Marshal Darren Goldie, the National Cyber Security Coordinator, is providing technical advice and assistance in response to what he referred to as a “nationally significant cyber incident impacting a number of maritime port facilities.” Goldie cautioned that the interruption is expected to persist for several days, affecting the movement of goods into and out of the country. DP World Australia operates as one of three port operators in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, and as one of two operators in Fremantle.

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