Davis Polk & Wardell Reports Third-Party Data Breach at Rightway Healthcare

Davis Polk & Wardell, LLP, a prominent law firm, recently filed a notice with Vermont’s Attorney General, unveiling a data breach originating from one of their vendors, Rightway Healthcare. The breach exposed sensitive consumer data, including names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth. Davis Polk commenced the process of notifying affected individuals following an investigation into the incident.

The breach’s specifics, occurring on September 23, 2023, were communicated to Davis Polk by Rightway on October 19, 2023. Although precise details regarding the breach remain undisclosed, it was confirmed that unauthorized access compromised confidential information linked to Davis Polk’s Human Resources Department.

Upon discovering the breach, Davis Polk conducted an extensive review to ascertain the leaked information and the affected individuals. Potentially exposed data, including personal identifiers like names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth, varied among those impacted.

Rightway Healthcare initiated the distribution of data breach notification letters to affected parties on November 13, 2023, detailing the compromised information.

Additionally, the breach seems to have affected other corporate entities such as Okta, as indicated by the Maine Attorney General’s Data Breach Notifications page. This breach reportedly impacted nearly 5,000 Okta employees, linking to the same Rightway Healthcare data breach.

Rightway Healthcare, established in 2017 and headquartered in New York, specializes in healthcare software. Their services assist consumers in comprehending their healthcare coverage and provide employee support. Employing over 200 individuals, the company boasts an annual revenue of approximately $42 million.

Victims of the Rightway Healthcare breach are urged to stay vigilant against potential identity theft or fraud. Seeking guidance from a data breach lawyer can offer insights into safeguarding against such risks and exploring legal recourse. For further details, a comprehensive piece on this issue is available [here](link to the provided piece).

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