IBM Launches X-Force Cyber Range in Washington, D.C., to Train Federal Agencies and Suppliers in Cyber Response

IBM has unveiled the IBM X-Force Cyber Range in downtown Washington, D.C., at its offices on 600 14th Street, NW, situated near the White House. The new facility aims to provide comprehensive cyber response training to federal agencies and their suppliers, equipping them with the skills needed to combat artificial cyber attacks and data breach threats effectively.

The IBM X-Force Cyber Range offers two no-cost cyber response training sessions tailored for various stakeholders, including legal and mission-critical leaders, C-Suite executives, and technical security leads. The training sessions are designed to simulate real-world cyber incidents through cyber wargames and hands-on scenarios, enabling participants to discover and respond to cyber attacks promptly.

Alice Fakir, a managing partner overseeing cybersecurity services for IBM Consulting’s U.S. federal market, highlighted the elite and customizable nature of the cyber response training provided at the D.C. range. The training aims to enhance organizations’ defense capabilities against existing and emerging threats, aligning with federal mandates such as those outlined in the Biden Administration’s Executive Order 14028 focused on bolstering the nation’s cybersecurity.

IBM’s research underscores the importance of incident response teams in mitigating cyber threats, with organizations that have incident response teams demonstrating faster response times and lower costs. According to IBM’s 2023 Cost of a Data Breach report, high levels of incident response planning and testing saved industries and governments $1.5 million in breach costs and 54 days from data breach recovery.

The inaugural event at the IBM X-Force Cyber Range is scheduled for this spring, with organizations from the chemical, energy, and water industries participating. A second no-cost session is planned for later this year.

With approximately 4,000 employees in the D.C. area, IBM is committed to advancing cybersecurity training and enhancing cyber defense capabilities to address evolving threats effectively.

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