Identity of Alleged Pro-Russia Hacktivist Leader Reportedly Revealed, Stirring Controversy

A recent report from Russia-based has purportedly exposed the identity of the leader of the pro-Russia hacktivist group Killnet, known as Killmilk. Allegedly named Nikolai Serafimov, a 30-year-old Russian citizen, he gained prominence during Russia’s conflict in Ukraine for spearheading politically motivated hacking activities.

While the information disclosed by remains unverified independently, it alleges Serafimov’s personal details, including ownership of luxury vehicles, a prior conviction related to drug distribution, and marital status.

Neither Killmilk nor Killnet have publicly responded to the report as of Wednesday. However, the report details Killmilk’s attempt to ascertain the source of the leaked information, a move declined by, leading to the termination of communication.

Killnet, known for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on various entities, has recently witnessed reduced activity, potentially indicating internal discord.

The news has sparked opposition within the hacking community, with several hacktivists criticizing Killmilk’s alleged actions as unprofessional and detrimental to the Russian hacktivist landscape. reported dissent among pro-Russian groups against Killmilk, citing misrepresentation of operations and failure to deliver on promises.

The potential exposure of Killmilk’s identity might lead to a leadership vacuum within Killnet, possibly prompting its dissolution or reformation under new leadership, a pattern observed in underground hacking groups.

Pascal Geenens from cybersecurity firm Radware suggested that Killmilk’s unmasking might signify a pivotal moment, potentially signaling the end of an era for Killnet as the most influential pro-Russian hacktivist group. However, Geenens speculated that the void left by Killmilk could pave the way for a new individual or group to emerge rapidly.

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