Meals on Wheels Central Texas Enhances Security Protocols Following Data Breach

Meals on Wheels Central Texas has announced changes to its security protocols in the wake of a data breach affecting its In-Home Care service, which was the result of an email phishing attack. The non-profit organization disclosed that it became aware of the breach on September 21.

The breach involved the unauthorized access to a cloud account containing personal health information. The compromised data included sensitive details such as full names, dates of birth, home addresses, diagnostic codes, phone numbers, Medicaid numbers, and, in certain instances, social security numbers.

Meals on Wheels Central Texas took immediate action upon discovering the breach. They initiated an investigation to determine the extent of the breach and to implement necessary corrective measures. The organization promptly contacted those affected by the breach to help mitigate any potential harm.

It is important to note that no clients receiving meal services were impacted by this breach.

To prevent future breaches, Meals on Wheels Central Texas has implemented the following policies:

Revised operational administrative policies and procedures to enhance data security protocols.

Strengthened technology safeguards, including cybersecurity measures.

Ongoing cybersecurity training for employees.

In fiscal year 2021, Meals on Wheels Central Texas provided an impressive 239,779 hours of In-Home Care.

Anyone seeking further information or assistance regarding the breach is encouraged to contact the organization at

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