NSC Technologies Reports Data Breach, Compromising Sensitive Consumer Information

On November 21, 2023, NSC Technologies disclosed a significant data breach, prompting a notice to the Attorney General of Maine. The breach, discovered after a recent cyberattack, allowed unauthorized access to the company‚Äôs IT network, compromising consumers’ sensitive information, notably including names and Social Security numbers.

Following the breach, NSC Technologies initiated an extensive investigation and promptly began notifying affected individuals through data breach notification letters. The breach, detected on June 26, 2023, triggered immediate security measures within the company’s network. Collaborating with external cybersecurity experts, NSC Technologies delved deeper into the incident to assess its scope and impact.

The investigation confirmed unauthorized access by an external entity on June 19 and June 20, 2023, to specific files within the network, some containing confidential consumer data. In response to this revelation, NSC Technologies conducted a thorough review of compromised files to ascertain the extent of leaked information, which potentially includes individuals’ names and Social Security numbers.

NSC Technologies promptly dispatched data breach notification letters on November 21, 2023, detailing the specific compromised information pertaining to affected individuals.

Founded in 2000, NSC Technologies, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in staffing and recruitment primarily within marine, oil, and engineering sectors. Additionally, the company extends its services to construction, manufacturing, and warehousing industries, employing over 162 individuals and generating an estimated annual revenue of approximately $19 million.

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