SysInformation Healthcare Services Reports Extensive Data Breach, Affecting Consumer Confidential Information

SysInformation Healthcare Services, LLC, operating as EqualizeRCM and 1st Credentialing, has notified the Attorney General of Montana regarding a significant data breach discovered on April 17, 2024. The breach exposed confidential information stored on the company’s computer network, including a wide array of sensitive consumer data such as names, Social Security numbers, government identification numbers, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, electronic signatures, financial account details, health insurance information, medical records, mother’s maiden names, and passport information.

The breach, detected following unusual activity observed back in June 2023, prompted SysInformation to take immediate action, including securing its systems, notifying law enforcement, and launching an investigation into the incident’s scope and impact. The investigation confirmed unauthorized access to the IT network between June 3, 2023, and June 18, 2023, during which files containing confidential consumer information may have been accessed and potentially removed.

SysInformation Healthcare Services undertook a thorough review of compromised files to ascertain the extent of the breach and identify affected consumers. Data breach notification letters were subsequently dispatched to individuals impacted by the incident, detailing the specific information compromised.

Based in Austin, Texas, SysInformation Healthcare Services, LLC specializes in revenue cycle management and credentialing services through its entities EqualizeRCM and 1st Credentialing. With a workforce of over 779 employees, the company generates an annual revenue of approximately $153 million.

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