Tipalti Investigating Ransomware Attack, Threat Group Claims Data Theft

Tipalti, a California-based accounts payable software vendor, is investigating a ransomware attack claimed by the AlphV ransomware group. AlphV alleges gaining access to confidential information belonging to Tipalti and its customers since September 8th, stealing over 265 gigabytes of data.

AlphV further claims an insider facilitated the attack and contacted specific Tipalti customers, including Roblox, demanding extortion payments in exchange for withheld data. Roblox, however, denies any impact on its systems or contact from the group.

Tipalti, serving over 3,500 customers and processing $50 billion annually for 4 million suppliers, emphasizes its commitment to security and assures ongoing investigation. The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a joint advisory in November regarding AlphV’s activities, urging victims to report attacks promptly.

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