U.S. Drug Mart Reports Data Breach, Affecting Sensitive Consumer Information

U.S. Drug Mart, Inc., a Midlothian-based full-service pharmacy, alerted the Texas Attorney General on November 17, 2023, about a significant data breach, leading to unauthorized access to sensitive consumer information. This breach potentially compromised names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and health details of individuals associated with the company.

Following the discovery of this breach, U.S. Drug Mart initiated an investigation and confirmed the unauthorized access to confidential information it possessed. While the exact cause of the breach remains undisclosed, the company proactively reviewed compromised files to identify the leaked information and affected consumers. The breached data varies for each individual, encompassing personal and health-related details.

The company’s notice to the Texas Attorney General specified 12,940 victims in the state alone. Subsequently, U.S. Drug Mart is set to dispatch data breach notification letters to impacted individuals, outlining the specific compromised information associated with each victim.

Founded in 1991, U.S. Drug Mart, Inc. serves as a comprehensive pharmacy offering traditional prescription services, custom medication compounding, delivery, fax/copy services, diabetic testing supplies, and a range of over-the-counter medications and gift items. With a workforce of over 59 employees, the company generates an annual revenue of approximately $11 million.

Individuals receiving notification letters about the breach are advised to remain vigilant against potential identity theft or fraudulent activities. Seeking guidance from a data breach lawyer can aid in understanding protective measures and exploring available legal options in the aftermath of the U.S. Drug Mart data breach.

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